Global Missions

Through Kingdom Builders you are providing for Missionaries all over the world, supporting global project to build churches and schools, removing children from the sex industry and introducing them to the love of Jesus, translating the bible into new languages and developing pastors around the globe. We believe that every man, women and child deserves the opportunity to hear the message of Jesus. 

Local Outreach

Kingdom Builders is committed to reaching SWFL. This is our community and God has placed a massive burden on us to reach it. We are doing this through compel outreach events, change the city projects, and partnering with our local non-profits to ensure that SWFL is different tomorrow than it is today. 

Future Generations & Campuses

Kingdom Builders is committed to the next generation. Raising up the generation behind us has never been more important than it is right now, that's why we build the most incredible spaces for them to experience the presence of God. We want to give our next generation the best opportunity to hear the gospel. Kingdom Builders also ensures that development of future campuses, we want to see other communities impacted with the love of Jesus.