Nixaide lopez

Saturdays at 9:00 AM
Naples, FL

Young Adult

This is a Bible study group for young adults. This is a creative space for people to dedicate a time to commit to reading The Word and talking about what God is doing in their lives. We are meeting in Starbucks off of Immokalee Rd in Naples.


Edgar & Jessica Florian

Wednesdays at 630 PM
Naples, FL

Edgar and Jessica Florian have been with Living Waters Church for years. a home group community where we will be reading how to develop a closer relationship with God to hear his whisper in our lives. If you’re looking to get connected at LW this is the group for you!


Mike & lori storms

Thursdays at 7:00 PM
Naples, FL

Grace Revolution by Joseph Prince

The grace revolution is all about bringing Jesus back to the forefront. When Jesus is preached and lifted high, lives are touched and transformed. It's a revolution of relationship and it's a revolution of restoration. The grace revolution begins in the innermost sanctum of your heart when you meet the person of Jesus. It is not an outward revolution but something that begins from the inside out. Today, you can experience deep, personal, and lasting transformation that is anchored on the unshakable, rock-solid foundation of Christ and His finished work.