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Living Waters Growth Track

Next Steps is our way of introducing the mission, vision, and values of Living Waters Church. Through these 4 steps, we help you connect with others and help you to discover the gifts God has given you and those around you in hopes that you join our Rockstar team to change the world.


Get involved

The Growth Track happens Every 2 weeks for 2 consecutive weekends, starting the first & third weekend with Step 1 & 2. We invite you to jump in at any time. You can join us in Suite 105 at the North end of the Estero Campus.


Next Growth Track Event

Check back for the 2018 schedule


Growth Track Steps


Step 1
Experience God

Together we will become better acquainted with the story, vision and values of LWC. We will also explore our core beliefs that will produce a more meaningful relationship with Christ.


Step 2
Grow Together

We will give you a basic snapshot of how you can connect with other followers of Christ at Living Waters Church. 


Step 3
Find Purpose

In this STEP we are going to discover and understand how our personal and spiritual life reveals our passion for Christ and His Church.


Step 4
Change the world

Finally, we are going to find out more about the opportunity that comes with being a part of the family. As an LW Partner, we will be discovering the fulfillment that comes from being an LW Rockstar.


next steps schedule

Starting back in january 2018, check back soon