Let's talk about jesus

Garett Serban & Stew Borst
Tuesdays at 7:00 AM


This is a bible devotional for Young Adults from ages 18-25. We are going to be using a Bible devotional called The Life Journal that makes reading The Bible very applicable to our everyday life and create discussion about who Jesus is.


quest for more

Meg Joiner
Sundays at 7:00 PM


The Quest is a cross between a curriculum and a journal, between a classroom and a prayer closet, with three primary objectives: To promote deeper intimacy with God, to help foster a sojourner mentality , and to aid as comfort that we are only passing through this world on our way somewhere else. This is not our home, and To foster an adventurer-mentality as royal subjects of royal blood unrecognized by the world but headed to an unshakable kingdom worth the arduous trip (Acts 14:22). This is a group for young adult women to grow in fellowship not only with the Lord but one another.